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Maintenance Icons
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PC Maintenance Documentation (PDF)*                        Print me first!
PC Maintenance Icons (Windows 2K or greater)
Maintenance Programs
(check for new versions often)
Windows Defender (Windows XP SP2 or SP3 Only) (NOT needed when running Microsoft Security Essentials)
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (Windows 2K or greater & Home Use Only)
Spybot Search & Destroy (All Windows Versions & Personal Use Only)
Ad-Aware (Windows 2K or greater & Home Use Only) (NOT recommended on slower machines)
Anti-Virus Programs AVG Anti-virus Free (Windows 2k or greater & Home Use Only)
Microsoft Security Essentials MSSE (NOT for Windows XP - Only for Windows Vista or greater (Home and Small Business <10 PCs))

Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows XP)
Microsoft Windows XP "Out-of-Support" Panic Tactic through Microsoft Security Essentials (MSSE), please read the following.

The latest MSSE update has made efforts to remind users that Windows XP is no longer going to have Security Updates developed by Microsoft and this includes Microsoft Security Essentials.  All previously developed updates are still available through Windows Update and still available for download and install.  MSSE after a few days does eventually experience SERVICE problems after turning RED.  If you like MSSE and would like to continue using it, you will need to install the previous version 4.4.304.0 that provides the GREEN, YELLOW and RED indicators, it is available below.  You will need to remove the latest version 4.5.216... You may do so through "ADD or REMOVE PROGRAMS" and then download the latest functionally reporting version 4.4.0304.0 from the link below and install it.  Please download the appropriate version for your Windows XP.  Windows XP 64 bit is very rare, but please check anyway before installing.

If you do this, your Windows Update will attempt to download and install the MSSE update (KB2949787) again.  You must go into Windows Update "Custom" and turn it off the MSSE update (KB2949787) and tell this update  "Do not display this again".

Microsoft Security Essentials 32 bit (Windows XP ONLY - SP2 or greater for Home and Small Business <10 PCs)

Microsoft Security Essentials 64 bit (Windows XP ONLY - SP2 or greater for Home and Small Business <10 PCs)
Most major ISPs provide an anti-virus package with their service. (Some listed below)
AT&T DSL Online Security by McAfee (Recommend custom install for Anti-virus Only)
AT&T U-Verse Online Security by McAfee (Recommend custom install for Anti-virus Only)
Comcast Norton Security Suite
SureWest Internet Security Center (Recommend custom install for Anti-virus Only)
Backup Programs Windows XP Home Backup (Home Only - Professional already includes Backup)
Online Backup Services are not recommended for large amounts of data and backup speed depends on your Internet connection upload rate.
(Some listed below)
Mozy Online Backup Free (Home Only) (includes local backup option) Additional 250MB with Referral (click here)
Mozy Online Backup (includes local backup option)
Carbonite Online Backup
Misc Downloads Windows 8 Defender Status Icon (Recommended)
Get Windows 10 (Update 5)

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Although we have tested these programs extensively, Applications Etc. is not responsible for adverse results due to the use of the above products.

If Self-Maintenance is not sufficient or did not resolve your problem, Professional Consultation is available.

Professional Consulting Services
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Phone Services - 916-813-7819 or 916-947-9641
Good option for basic problems. (Calls over 10 minutes may be billable.)
Remote Services - Assisted Remote Session (Requires phone call to initiate connection) or Unassisted Remote Session
Good option for problems that need visual assistance to resolve.
Onsite Services - "We come to You", Business or Home. (by appointment only)
Best option because devices are in their usual working environment.
Shop Services - Problems too extensive for other services are resolved here. (by appointment only)
Good option for difficult problems that are time intensive.
Green Technology Implementation
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Solar Energy Array (reduce carbon footprint by generating power from the Sun)
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Electronic Billing (reduce carbon footprint and paper waste)
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Computer Virtualization (reduce power consumption of physical computers)
Read how virtualization works. (Windows 7 virtual system)