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Please contact Applications Etc. to inquire if PC Maintenance is the best course of action for your problem.

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Maintenance Icons
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PC Maintenance Documentation (PDF)*    (Description and Installation)                    Read me first!
PC Maintenance Tools & Icons
Anti-Virus Programs As noted in the PC Maintenance Documentation, Windows Defender is built in to Windows 8 and greater and may be used as your Antivirus protection.  Other Antimalware and Antispyware protection options are available below in the Maintenance Programs section.

It should be noted, No one product on the market can identify and remove all the infections that can plague the Windows environments.  This is why we recommend the additional Maintenance Programs to augment the Antivirus program you install.
Avast Antvirus Free
AVG Anti-virus Free
Panda Antivirus Free
Avira Antivirus Free
Microsoft Security Essentials MSSE (Only for Windows Vista or 7 (Home and Small Business <10 PCs))
Many of the Internet Service providers offer Antivirus with their subscriptions
Maintenance Programs
(check for new versions often)
Malwarebytes has for years been the premier Free Anti-Malware software available.
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Windows 2K or greater & Home Use Only)
Spybot Search & Destroy has for years been the premier Free Anti-Spyware software available.
Spybot Search & Destroy (All Windows Versions & Personal Use Only)
Backup Programs Windows Backup is bundled in Windows and available by search or PC Maintenance Tools & Icons.
Online Backup Services are not recommended for large amounts of data and backup speed depends on your Internet connection upload rate.
(Some listed below)
Mozy Online Backup Free (Home Only) (includes local backup option) Additional 250MB with Referral (click here)
Mozy Online Backup (includes local backup option)
Carbonite Online Backup
Misc Downloads Windows 8 Defender Status Icon (Recommended)
Get Windows 10 (Manual Installer/Media Creator)
Get Windows 11 (Manual Installer/Media Creator)
Windows 7 Games for Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 (Optional)
Microsoft Show/Hide Update Troubleshooter (Optional)

It is highly recommended you revisit our site every six months to check for new tools or versions available.
If any of the links above are broken please notify Steve at 916-947-9641 or Adam at 916-813-7819
*Adobe Reader Required. Download Adobe Reader at http://www.adobe.com/reader.

Although we have tested these programs extensively, Applications Etc. is not responsible for adverse results due to the use of the above products.

If Self-Maintenance is not sufficient or did not resolve your problem, Professional Consultation is available.

Professional Consulting Services
(more details/services available at
Phone Services - 916-813-7819 or 916-947-9641
Good option for basic problems. (Calls over 10 minutes may be billable.)
Remote Services - Unassisted Remote Session (Sessions may be billable.)
Good option for problems that need visual assistance to resolve.
Onsite Services - "We come to You", Business or Home. (by appointment only)
Best option because devices are in their usual working environment.
Shop Services - Problems too extensive for other services are resolved here. (by appointment only)
Good option for difficult problems that are time intensive.
Volunteer Work and Community Outreach
We take pride in our community work and helping people advance their electronic knowledge and skills.
     -Mission Oaks Community Center: Computer Know How Series
Green Technology Implementation
(our efforts to help the environment)
Solar Energy Array (reduce carbon footprint by generating power from the Sun)
View our solar generation results.
Electronic Billing (reduce carbon footprint and paper waste)
Sign up for electronic billing today.
Computer Virtualization (reduce power consumption of physical computers)
Read how virtualization works. (Windows 7 virtual system)

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